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All across the globe, hashish and marijuana have been used for centuries in any number of cultures. But like any other substance used for pleasure, they involve certain risks. This is why a few tips might be useful.





  • Your concentration is affected by hashish or marijuana. Sometimes you even forget what you have just said. So don’t smoke a joint at school or at work.


  • It also affect your ability to react, so don’t smoke a joint and drive.
  • Alcohol does not combine well with hashish or marijuana.


  • When you smoke cannabis, harmful substances are released like tar and carbon monoxide. This is why it is not a good idea to inhale deeply and long. And it is not necessary either since the active ingredients of cannabis are rapidly absorbed by the lungs.


  • Space cake does not affect you for half an hour to an hour and a half. The effects are much more intense than when you smoke a joint and it lasts longer.


  • Smoking cannabis can give your heart palpitations and make you perspire or get dizzy. Don’t panic, just look for a quite spot and have something sweet to eat or drink. If you still don’t feel better in an hour, find someone to help you. In the Netherlands, you won’t get arrested for drug-related problems like this.


  • Do not smoke cannabis or eat space cake if you are on any kind of medication, for example for diabetes or epilepsy. Do not smoke cannabis or eat spacecake if you are pregnant or if you are having psychological problems. Always be aware of how much you are using, you can become dependent on hashish or marijuana.
  • Avoid problems, don’t take cannabis with you when you go abroad.


  • Hashish and marijuana can differ greatly in strength. Ask someone on the coffee shop staff how strong the cannabis is that you are buying.


  • Alcohol or other drugs besides cannabis are prohibited at coffee shops.



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